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The charts available for purchase below are used by students, practitioners and academics alike.


The New Immune Cell, PNEI & Collarette Foundation Chart will be available in March 2008.



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Emotional Dynamics of the Collarette Chart

Edited by John Andrews
Published 2004


Price £15



Double sided A4 Full Colour Laminated Chart featuring Emotional Dynamics of the Collarette based on seven years trial and error, extensive and intensive research in the clinic.


Bilateral - same chart for either right or left iris, similar to Time Risk, this chart grew from this premise. Basis for the intrauterine & extrauterine limbic system – important factor in emotional expression and receptivity. First presented publicly at the Embryology & Iridology – New Topographical Research Course in Abano Terme, Italy, May-June 2004 with Dr Daniele Lo Rito & John Andrews.


Relevant for all except the following contra-indications: Patients with an absent collarette (complete atrophy), Pupillary Coloboma, Aniridia, some forms of blindness, trauma to the iris and iridectomy.



Inner Pupillary Border Spinal Reflex Chart

Edited by John Andrews
Published 2006


Price £16



Double-sided A4 laminated chart detailing the sections of the Inner Pupillary Border in gross and minute detail and how they act as a reflex for the spine and associated neural pathways and muscles.The cervical, thoracic, lumbar divisions and sections of the sacrum & coccyx are featured.


Further details of spinal analysis with the IPB are to feature with full colour high-resolution digital images on a CDROM in April 2006. Email to be notified of the CD’s availability.







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